Sunday, January 18, 2009

Get me a shotgun!

So, Prudence found herself at a wedding expo this morning, with her sister-in-law, of whom she is very fond, hence this excursion.

And my, but wasn't there a lot to see - hummers stretched beyond belief and outfitted past credulity, confections of satin, froth and bubble marked down 40 per cent, but only after being marked up 100 per cent, one suspects, ice sculptures, chocolate fountains, topiary hire, formal wear for the under-one set, some of the most crass costume jewellery to emerge from a sweatshop in Asia...

And wedding singers.

Two men, one barely reaching 5', standing on platforms (the shorter one on a taller platform) decked out in dinner suits, crooning to the dazed masses. Who ignored them.

Perhaps this is a sign that the recession has hit?

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