Friday, January 16, 2009

Off to a good start

My colleague was telling me about an upcoming wedding in which he's playing a facilitative role. I think that means he's best man, but he wasn't admitting to it.

The couple, an overly superstitious pair, one assumes, have imposed a series of challenges to complete before they consider themselves properly married.

They have to saw through a log. Apparently this symbolises the hardest thing the marriage will have to accomplish. I thought better of suggesting they use a nail file.

They also have to break a load of crockery on their driveway. To symbolise the only broken thing in their marriage. I wonder who gets to clean it up?

I got the impression there were more, um, activities, but I was spared the details.

Is this a particular brand of naivete? Or am I being overly cynical about the challenges of modern relationships?

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