Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Injudicious bullets

Prudence, who works in a large office in the middle of the city, has had a trying day.

There has been a heated disagreement over the format of a writing project. Prudence believes readers are quite capable of handling full sentences, arranged in sensible paragraphs.

Prudence's manager, who has an astonishingly thick hide, believes all documents are enhanced by their reduction to bullet points.

Prudence is adamant that bullet points are only correct when used to insert a particularly long list within a sentence, and should have semi-colons plopped judiciously therein.

Prudence's manager does not even wish to see information presented in proper sentences, insisting that bullet-pointed facts enhance "readability".

Prudence is thoroughly sick of such jargon, and thinks it is high time to find another job.

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