Monday, February 16, 2009

Like nobody loves them

Prudence works on St George's Terrace, the glass-towered commercial end of town.

There are some exceptionally well paid people with whom she rubs shoulders when trudging from the bus station.

Why then, do so many of the men - who are otherwise immaculately turned out - have trousers that are too short?

Jeeves, in his inimitable style, would be unimpressed.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Just to annoy

Prudence has just been through a rather traumatic time.

For reasons not entirely clear, her landlord decided that her house needed its outside painted. So painters were dispatched.

And cretins they were.

Despite two police requests not to trample the plant and not to leave cigarette butts strewn willy-nilly, this was exactly their modus operandi.

Along with horrid paint-rinsing water being liberally disposed of among the plants that hadn't been trampled. (Isn't that illegal?!)

After two weeks of mounting frustration, the exercise is finished.

And Prudence is not entirely convinced the inconvenience was worth it. The place doesn't really look that much better.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Here's a thought

Instead of World Peace, like all the Beauty Queen contestants gush over, how about world reason?

Think about it - open-mindedness, proper listening, compassion, empathy (or at least sympathy) and most importantly - compromise.

If all these lovely intangibles were applied, there would be no war. We'd had no need for free trade agreements or protectionist regimes. No political donations and their inevitable kick-backs.

Probably no Dancing with the Stars or Biggest Loser, too!

Yeah, yeah, I know.


Still, it WAS a nice thought.