Sunday, March 1, 2009

Human Nature and human nature

Prudence has had the tickets to the WASO/Human Nature concert in Kings Park for so long, she'd almost forgotten about them. Which necessitated something of a scramble to get the picnic ready in time.

The concert was wonderful - carefully chosen material, brilliantly executed, a bit of fast music, a bit of slow, some old, some new, a cover here, a Human Nature hit there, and all showcasing the West Australian Symphony Orchestra.

Kings Park is a beautiful setting - the grass defies the drought, the ducks defy the musicians, and the sun setting over the trees is quite breath-taking.

But why do people, knowing it's quite a hike from the verge parking to the stage, insist on taking up so much parking space? Where you could easily get three and sometimes four cars between the trees, there were two.

Why, when there's a nice footpath, do people, wearing quite silly shoes for tramping cross-country, insist on walking along the edge of the roads. They're too narrow and there's no lighting.

When the concert information sheet clearly states that only low beach chairs are acceptable, why do so many people bring full-size chairs? Prudence and her beloved spent much of the concert (on their specially purchased low chairs) craning around two view-blocking sconeheads.

And why did the complete tosser sitting in front (one of the aforementioned sconeheads) even bother paying the $70 and trekking out to Kings Park, when all he did was check the sports scores on his mobile phone?!


Next time WASO is playing, Prudence will be there.

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