Thursday, April 30, 2009

On long weekends

Despite coming down with the most socially unacceptable of colds - think every standard symptom and double it - Prudence went to Melbourne last weekend.

It was a mixed trip. There was lots of lovely catching up with friends and family (not to mention the excitement of finding out she's to be an adopted aunty TWICE over) and a particularly harrowing memorial service.

The memorial service was the reason for the trip, and all the other aspects followed on. The bare details are that one of Prudence's school friends, not seen for 22 years, and now not to be seen again, was stabbed and shot by her recently estranged partner. Who then turned the gun on himself, but survived.

Prudence still feels sick every time she thinks about how such a sweet-natured, generous, dedicated person could be so horribly gone. And how the ex is such a selfish coward.

He's still on remand, and Prudence, who's not normally one for such malice, hopes he's in real pain. Prick.

But on the up side, there was a lovely birthday party involving a particularly macabre take on a Women's Weekly Children's birthday cake design. Paratroopers being attacked by sea serpents amid a tempest. Since the birthday boy is a nurse with a spectacularly black sense of humour, he was delighted.

And now the hills hoist is adorned with all the clothes worn in Melbourne. Unrelieved black.

You can take the girl out of Melbourne...

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