Monday, April 20, 2009

That and this

Prudence and her beloved have moved house.

And it has been a trying exercise, which will, in all likelihood, have to be repeated in a year or so's time.


But the new house is on a quarter acre block, and has a dishwasher, and landlords who really (I mean really) don't care about the house. Bliss!

So, there has been objectionable carpet ripped up to reveal beautifully seasoned jarrah boards underneath, the roses have been properly pruned, and the severely borer-infested lemon tree is a shadow of its former self. That bit was not entirely intentional.

Prudence was MOST amused to meet the neighbour, who has lived in this very leafy suburb for 40 years. Said neighbour insisted on instructing Prudence on proper bin night procedure.



  1. As I have elsewhere written, oldies have a very complicated mathematical formula for always knowing what day it is for which bin. And they can also time the arrival of the bin truck down to the last few seconds - putting the bin out at the last minute and hauling it back in immediately afterwards.