Saturday, May 30, 2009

The straight and narrow

Prudence has, at best, an ambivalent attitude to rules, and even less regard for regulations. Regulations being, in her view, rules that purse their lips and mutter self-righteously.

But she digresses.

Today's Weekend Australian Travel and Indulgence has a story that caused Prudence to raise an immaculately groomed eyebrow.

Waitress Yakeisha Ward (yes, yes, what does one expect) was so annoyed at customers ordering takeaway waffles in her fast food outlet and then flagrantly flouting (tautology intended) company regulations by not taking them away, that she vaulted the counter, trotted to her car to get her gun (!) and used it to (thankfully only) hit an errant customer.

But then, when one takes into consideration the customer -in-question's response: "it was bad customer service", perhaps she deserved it.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Little piggies

Prudence, an avid news-watcher, has followed the development of swine flu in Australia.

There was the initial panic and overreaction, all before there even was any swine flu in Australia

Then it all died down.

Now, when people are dropping left, right and centre, there's only the most begrudging of media interest.

It's a really good-bad news story, and it happened to fall out of sync with the news cycle.

Prudence is only pleased you don't get really sick from it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Perhaps a renaissance?

Prudence, who does admit to being a chardonnay socialist and latte leftist, has been rubbing shoulders with politicians.

Literally, considering the number of people and lack of room.

And while the quality of shoes and haircuts remains dismally low, Prudence has had her faith somewhat restored in the state opposition.

One of them, at least, seems to know what's going on.

Which is heartening.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Of footware and integrity

Prudence has a thing about shoes. Not that that's terribly uncommon.

She's been hankering for a pair of purple boots for some years now, and the perfect pair has not presented itself. Until now.

The pair in question is purple suede and patent and breathtakingly elegant. They're expensive without being outrageous.

In short, they're perfect.

Except they're part of a collection by...

Paris Hilton.

And Prudence just can't bring herself to give the little skank any credibility by buying them.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Join the Do Less Campaign

Prudence, being fundamentally indolent, applauds this.

Sadly, life conspires in such a way that this indolence
is rarely allowed to happen.

But seriously, there is too much to do, too much expectation
and something has to give. Usually Prudence, and it often
means tears.

The agony of indecision

Who to back?

The women wearing a white curtain?

The boy band (with one girl) dressed like little drummer boys, complete with pretend drums?

The sexy takes on traditional dress, that fall oh-so-short of the mark?

Prudence loves Eurovision!

It's enough to make one want to move interstate!

Prudence is cross.

The xenophobic, secessionist tossers - those Western Australians who are fearful of any kind of change, especially one that makes every kind of sense - have AGAIN defeated the daylight saving push.

After three blissful years of being able to properly enjoy summer, 55 per cent of WA said no.

There wasn't a decent argument against the concept. Just waffle and wallop about curtains fading, cow disguntlement, difficulty getting children to sleep and blind refusal to recognise the business imperatives of being only two (as opposed to three) hours behind the rest of the country.

Cue footstamping and dark muttering. And thoughts of heading back across the Nullarbor.

Friday, May 15, 2009

A passing

Prudence noted in the obituaries this week, that feminist Marilyn French had died.

It didn't appear to make it into any other mainstream news.

Like lots of other women, Prudence read French's best-known work, The Women's Room, in her early 20s. Despite having insisted on being a feminist, it was only after reading this book that Prudence properly understood what that meant.

According to Wikipedia, French wrote 15 books, scholarly theses as well as novels. Her novels gained mixed reviews (Prudence has read only one other, Our Father), and she was criticised as being a man-hater, to which she replied that she didn't disagree because men were responsible for the subjugation of women. (paraphrasing, obviously)

So, Prudence is going to find the sequel to The Women's Room, In the Name of Friendship, and one to be published posthumously, The Love Children, which tackles issued faced by the daughters of the characters in The Women's Room and read them.

And maybe search her memory about to whom she lent her battered copy of The Women's Room, and who never returned it.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The metaphor that comes to mind is lipstick on a pig

Prudence used to not-joke that she kept instant coffee in her house only for people she didn't like.

Now she just doesn't let those people darken her door.

So, not having sullied her shopping trolley with instant coffee for some years, she'd assumed that all instant was made from low-quality robusta beans.

After all, the people prepared to drink instant don't know and don't deserve any better.

It was with quiet horror she saw an ad on a bus shelter for a common instant coffee brand that claims to be made entirely from the much rarer, more expensive and of infinitely higher quality arabica beans.

Instant coffee. Arabica beans. Shouldn't be in the same sentence.

You take my point about the pig.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When life provides its own metaphors

From the distance of 36 hours, Prudence can see that yesterday's meeting between the union delegates and the big cheese was really laughable. At the time it was infuriating.

So, aside from the fact that the big cheese just lied - or at least he said a lot of the right things, and Prudence just plain didn't believe him - there was one perfect moment.

Right near the end of the meeting, a cockroach, whose father must have been a shetland pony, wandered along the floor past Prudence's chair.

A perfect metaphor.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Basic instinct

The trouble with cynicism, Prudence muses, is that it's such an instinctive reaction. Especially when there is coincidence-of-the-sort-that-couldn't-possibly-be-coincidence involved.

Take tomorrow's meeting between the big cheeses and the union.

After months of requests and reminders, two of the main issues of contention have suddenly, even miraculously, been taken care of.

It does somewhat take the wind out of one's sails, when planning a presentation.

To be charitable, what one wanted achieved, is now achieved.

Mutter, grumble.

Local irony

So, China and Japan have banned pork imports from North America. The Egyptian government has ordered all pigs in the country slaughtered, and there are riots between police and pig farmers.

On Masterchef last night, the contestants had to cook something with a pork chop.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


After moving house, having one weekend at the new house desperately trying to find everything, then going away for an extended long weekend, Prudence and her beloved have finally had a weekend at home.

But the best laid plans... At least the ones of being able to relax a bit, ganged (is that the right past tense of Burns' quote? Gung?) aft aglay.

Achieved this weekend:

Cornflowers purchased and potted out
Lemon grass purchased and potted out
Week's worth of vegies purchased
Week's worth of bread purchased and stashed in the freezer
New fuel container for two-stroke purchased
Lawn mower borrowed and golf course-sized lawn mowed
Half of front rose garden weeded
Jonquil and daffodil bulbs planted in front of bedroom window
Curtains installed in bedroom
Curtains installed in loungeroom
Batch of scones baked
Batch of monte carlos baked
Afternoon tea with aforementioned biccies and scones held for friends just back from Europe
Frisbee played with stepson
Knees of stepson's jeans made very green before sending him home to his mother
Four loads of washing washed, hung out, brought in, folded up and put away
Tennis ball played (slowly) with elderly dog
Huge pot of bolognaise made for dinner with enough for leftovers for lunch
Thyme, basil, broccolini and kale seedlings purchased
Friends caught up with at dim sum
Last of kitchen boxes unpacked
Last of books loaded in bookcases
Button sewn on blouse
Lost sock found
Flowers bought and arranged
Linen on two beds changed
Kitchen floor swept and mopped
Bathroom floor swept and mopped
and there were probably other things that have been forgotten in the fuss.

Not achieved this weekend: