Thursday, May 14, 2009

The metaphor that comes to mind is lipstick on a pig

Prudence used to not-joke that she kept instant coffee in her house only for people she didn't like.

Now she just doesn't let those people darken her door.

So, not having sullied her shopping trolley with instant coffee for some years, she'd assumed that all instant was made from low-quality robusta beans.

After all, the people prepared to drink instant don't know and don't deserve any better.

It was with quiet horror she saw an ad on a bus shelter for a common instant coffee brand that claims to be made entirely from the much rarer, more expensive and of infinitely higher quality arabica beans.

Instant coffee. Arabica beans. Shouldn't be in the same sentence.

You take my point about the pig.

1 comment:

  1. hazelblackberry does get the point but it doesn't matter: she doesn't drink coffee.

    But she applauds your standards. For a short while she considered banning from her domicile people who would turn up their nose at a Mint Slice.

    That's simply not human, that kind of behaviour.