Sunday, May 3, 2009


After moving house, having one weekend at the new house desperately trying to find everything, then going away for an extended long weekend, Prudence and her beloved have finally had a weekend at home.

But the best laid plans... At least the ones of being able to relax a bit, ganged (is that the right past tense of Burns' quote? Gung?) aft aglay.

Achieved this weekend:

Cornflowers purchased and potted out
Lemon grass purchased and potted out
Week's worth of vegies purchased
Week's worth of bread purchased and stashed in the freezer
New fuel container for two-stroke purchased
Lawn mower borrowed and golf course-sized lawn mowed
Half of front rose garden weeded
Jonquil and daffodil bulbs planted in front of bedroom window
Curtains installed in bedroom
Curtains installed in loungeroom
Batch of scones baked
Batch of monte carlos baked
Afternoon tea with aforementioned biccies and scones held for friends just back from Europe
Frisbee played with stepson
Knees of stepson's jeans made very green before sending him home to his mother
Four loads of washing washed, hung out, brought in, folded up and put away
Tennis ball played (slowly) with elderly dog
Huge pot of bolognaise made for dinner with enough for leftovers for lunch
Thyme, basil, broccolini and kale seedlings purchased
Friends caught up with at dim sum
Last of kitchen boxes unpacked
Last of books loaded in bookcases
Button sewn on blouse
Lost sock found
Flowers bought and arranged
Linen on two beds changed
Kitchen floor swept and mopped
Bathroom floor swept and mopped
and there were probably other things that have been forgotten in the fuss.

Not achieved this weekend:


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