Friday, May 15, 2009

A passing

Prudence noted in the obituaries this week, that feminist Marilyn French had died.

It didn't appear to make it into any other mainstream news.

Like lots of other women, Prudence read French's best-known work, The Women's Room, in her early 20s. Despite having insisted on being a feminist, it was only after reading this book that Prudence properly understood what that meant.

According to Wikipedia, French wrote 15 books, scholarly theses as well as novels. Her novels gained mixed reviews (Prudence has read only one other, Our Father), and she was criticised as being a man-hater, to which she replied that she didn't disagree because men were responsible for the subjugation of women. (paraphrasing, obviously)

So, Prudence is going to find the sequel to The Women's Room, In the Name of Friendship, and one to be published posthumously, The Love Children, which tackles issued faced by the daughters of the characters in The Women's Room and read them.

And maybe search her memory about to whom she lent her battered copy of The Women's Room, and who never returned it.

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