Saturday, May 30, 2009

The straight and narrow

Prudence has, at best, an ambivalent attitude to rules, and even less regard for regulations. Regulations being, in her view, rules that purse their lips and mutter self-righteously.

But she digresses.

Today's Weekend Australian Travel and Indulgence has a story that caused Prudence to raise an immaculately groomed eyebrow.

Waitress Yakeisha Ward (yes, yes, what does one expect) was so annoyed at customers ordering takeaway waffles in her fast food outlet and then flagrantly flouting (tautology intended) company regulations by not taking them away, that she vaulted the counter, trotted to her car to get her gun (!) and used it to (thankfully only) hit an errant customer.

But then, when one takes into consideration the customer -in-question's response: "it was bad customer service", perhaps she deserved it.

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