Monday, June 29, 2009

Post-post-post feminism. Or something.

The wince-inducing plight of Farrah Fawcett came to Prudence's attention some time ago.

Prudence is a little young to remember Farrah as one of Charlie's Angels, and she tends to get a little confused with Wonder Woman, Isis, and Drew Barrymore. (Best not to think too hard about that.)

But, aside from the seriousness of Farrah's cancer, and how sad that she'd finally agreed to marry Ryan O'Neal, and never got to, were Charlie's Angels just another patriarchal construct to trick women into thinking they'd achieved real power?

Prudence loved the whole violence-without-smudging-one's-lipgloss 70's action-concluded-in-a-half-hour-episode thing, and the brilliant spoof that was the Barrymore/Liu/Diaz version.

But they were still Charlie's Angels - that blasted possessive that ruined any real notion of independence. Even if Charlie was merely a voice from a speaker, he still directed the action.

Prudence hopes Farrah is finally directing her own action, and kicking appropriate arse.

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