Saturday, June 6, 2009

Uncivil disobedience

As Prudence was trying to make it look like she wasn't trudging to work yesterday, she came to the large intersection upon which her office building resides.

Where she spied two pleecemen on bicycles.

One had taken aside a young man of scruffy appearance, and, wielding a book marked Infringements, was talking sternly at him.

Prudence looked around, and finding no evidence of any more serious breach of the peace, presumed that the scruffy man had been jaywalking.

The other pleeceman was idly watching the vehicular and pedestrian traffic at the intersection. Of the latter kind, several besuited types blatantly pooh-poohed the little red man, and jaywalked. But were ignored.

Now, despite this happening in the context of protracted pay negotiations and pleece refusing to issue traffic infringements, Prudence does vehemently hope this was not an example of stereotypical abuse of discretionary power.

Sadly, she presumes it was.

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