Friday, July 3, 2009

Words in their mouths

One of Prudence's duties, in her paid occupation, is speech writing.

Despite being prone to flights of fancy and the odd whimsical pun, she's quite good at staying - and Prudence detests this term - on-message.

The requests come and often there's no indication, beyond the the name of the event, of what the message of the speech should be.

Now, Prudence readily admits to being old-fashioned, and something of a pragmatist, so when, on enquiry, Prudence is told to write whatever she thinks is appropriate, she does.

And when whatever Prudence thinks is appropriate - and Prudence ALWAYS does her research - turns out to be wrong, Prudence tends to get a little miffed.

And wonders how some people attain the positions - and salaries - they do.

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