Saturday, August 29, 2009

A vignette

Prudence and her friend were sashaying along Hay Street towards the mall.

As they approached the corner of William Street, the emos were hanging out together, as they usually do.

On the right of the footpath was a young man with skinny jeans held just at lower buttock level with a belt. Approaching him was a gentleman of quite senior years, struggling somewhat with a rolling suitcase.

As the older drew level with the younger, the older's trousers slipped suddenly to ankle level. Causing him not inconsiderable consternation.

Prudence managed to refrain from laughing at the juxtaposition just long enough to assure the older gentleman that he'd made her afternoon.


Overheard in one of Prudence's favourite bookshops:

"Eventually we'll come up against paperwork."

And doesn't that just encapsulate modern life?!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things in balance

As Prudence was sashaying her way to work this morning, an immaculately groomed woman in a ridiculously expensive car drove around a corner in front of Prudence, as she was crossing the road under the auspices of the little green man.

Causing a few choice words to be seethed in her direction.

Said seething continued for a full minute more.

Until another car stopped, holding up traffic, to let a mother duck and her five ducklings cross the road safely.

Prudence felt a whole lot better about the world after that.

Monday, August 17, 2009

On etiquette

Prudence, being in no small part a snob, takes her coffee very seriously.

So, on a weekend away to a place that has a strong food and wine tradition, she was reasonably confident of getting a decent brew with her breakfast.

Especially as her beloved, who is a barista, and in no small part responsible for her coffee snobbery, had a long and technical discussion with the barista of the breakfast establishment about the beans, the grind, the pour and so on.

And still the latte that arrived was scowl-inducingly bitter.

So, how does one, when confronted with an egregiously sub-standard beverage, but quite a reasonable breakfast, complain with grace.

Prudence was brought up altogether to well to do this and achieve the desired result.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Proof at last

Prudence has long screwed up her pert nose and refused to eat sprouts.

Now, science has finally caught up, and given her the perfect justification.

She TOLD you they weren't a proper food source!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

On choices

Prudence, it has to be said, has green thumbs. Her garden is verdant and fecund and it isn't even spring yet.

Prudence is also no slouch in the kitchen.

These two pursuits make Prudence, her friends and most especially her beloved, very happy.

Isn't it sad that these two happy pursuits can be practised only outside of work hours - a pitifully short amount of time.