Friday, September 25, 2009

Separated at birth?

Prudence wonders whether WA Minister for Regional Development Brendan and SBS extreme survival personality Bear are related.

Both being called Grylls, and all.

While Bear exhibits none of Brendan's trademark lisp, and we've never had to put Brendan into more life-threatening conditions than question time, there is a slight physical similarity...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So many things

Prudence has been quiet of late. Not that there haven't been things about which to blog.

But every time she manages to sit down, all the lovely little stories she's been saving, just disappear.


Monday, September 14, 2009

Vale Mike

Prudence vividly remembers Sunday nights (they're always Sunday nights in one's memory, even if they weren't) when the whole family would gather for the Leyland Brothers' adventures on the newly acquired colour Rank Arena.

They went to places like the Coober Pedy underground houses, anything big (banana, pineapple, and so on), caves, historical villages, caves, and all manner of natural and man-made attractions around Australia.

The wives did the filming and sound recording, there was always gratuitous four-wheel-driving, and their shorts were too short and too tight.

Then they faded away. Remembered only by those who were paying attention in the 70s.

And now there is only one. Mike has left us.

A little bit of Prudence's childhood has died with him.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The very best kind of professional

There are things one always looks for when engaging a professional to fulfil a task one is able to take care of for oneself.

Architects' buildings should not fall down, lawyers should win more cases than not, accountants should be able to add and subtract, and so on.

Medical professionals should understand human foibles and have a sense of humour

And so, when Prudence was forced to find herself a doctor, the one with the vintage poster exhorting the patients in the waiting room to drink Jack Daniels, won.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Prudence has a cold. It arrived several days ago in the form of razor blades in her throat.

It quickly spread to snuffled-up sinuses, achey joints, blocked ears and general grumpiness.

Four days down the track it doesn't seem to be improving, necessitating a day off work, and - horror of horrors - a trip to the doctor.

Prudence enjoys such rude health that she doesn't have a doctor to call her own. So, this morning, with Yellow Pages balanced on her knees and a box of tissues in reaching distance, she started called surgeries to beg for an appointment.

And eventually got one. Prudence does hope this new doctor sees fit to give her a couple of days off work.