Monday, September 14, 2009

Vale Mike

Prudence vividly remembers Sunday nights (they're always Sunday nights in one's memory, even if they weren't) when the whole family would gather for the Leyland Brothers' adventures on the newly acquired colour Rank Arena.

They went to places like the Coober Pedy underground houses, anything big (banana, pineapple, and so on), caves, historical villages, caves, and all manner of natural and man-made attractions around Australia.

The wives did the filming and sound recording, there was always gratuitous four-wheel-driving, and their shorts were too short and too tight.

Then they faded away. Remembered only by those who were paying attention in the 70s.

And now there is only one. Mike has left us.

A little bit of Prudence's childhood has died with him.

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  1. Rank Arena! A blast from the past if ever there was one.