Thursday, October 8, 2009

When nature triumphs over small-mindedness

Prudence happened to detour through Hyde Park on her way to work this morning. It was, as always, an oasis of peace and green in the concrete jungle.

There's a huge pine tree just north of the lakes, that sports a most amusing sign.

Beware: cones may fall from this tree without notice.

Prudence can just imagine the Town of Vincent council meeting during which a motion was proposed and passed that any trees planning on dropping cones and the like would be required to give notice - a minimum of seven days, and preferably in writing.

Then the consternation, tsk-ing and harrumphing that followed the trees' stout refusal to provide the requisite notice.

Then the next meeting - perhaps an extraordinary meeting called to deal with this issue specifically - during which it was decided, as an interim measure, that such a sign was the only way to deal with such insubordination.

Prudence can just imagine the wry smirk Don Watson would give such bureaucratic overkill.

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