Sunday, December 20, 2009


Prudence has just endured that most Perth of traditions - a trip to the shopping centre during one of the very rare Sundays on which they're allowed to trade.

Despite refusing to allow Sunday trading with a series of roundly defeated referenda, the people of Perth quite clearly enjoy their shopping on the Sabbath.

However, that's a digression.

Prudence has been thinking lately about the commercialisation of a time of the year that is a lot older than Christianity, and the waste that inevitably ensues.

While many families quite sensibly decided that adults really don't need presents, or are confining themselves to home-made, there is still a steadfast refusal to extend this to children.

And this is where Prudence has an issue.

The whole commercialisation of Christmas is thus cemented during childhood, and if we don't teach children restraint and sustainability, how will it ever become normal?

And Prudence is embarrassed and annoyed at herself that she is just as guilty.

Hope the nieces and stepchildren appreciate their presents.


  1. I've said it before and will say it again (and again): hope that not a single soul out shopping on Sunday voted 'no' in the referendum.