Thursday, December 31, 2009


And on this, the last day of the year, Prudence is stuck at home feeling exceedingly sorry for herself. Thank Heaven for civilised industrial relations laws.

She hopes for a recovery in time for celebrations tonight. Or at least more effective painkillers, depending, of course, on whether she can drag herself to the apothecary.

However, distraction and a cup of tea must suffice, for now.

Much of the merde of the year has been chronicalled here - the death of both beloved pets, the cat in January, and the dog in October, various career woes best left without detail, an atrocious haircut.

Along with a litany of grumbles and complaints mostly to do with manners and grammar.

But there have been some good things - lovely colleagues, dear friends, some truly excellent dinner parties, a weekend at Margaret River during winter when it was all but deserted, turning 40 in spectacular style, vegetable bounties from the garden.

And soon - very soon - Prudence can celebrate her first blog-iversary. Which is terribly exciting. Blandwagon has a list of appropriate gifts, if you're so inclined...

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