Friday, February 26, 2010

Not today please. Not ever.

Prudence was accosted by no fewer than five tin-shakers on her way from the bus to office.

All were from the religious fundamentalist nutcase group Youth With a Mission.

They with the light of madness in their eyes, and propensity to break into song inappropriately.

Poor deluded chickens.

But! They were responsible for the last Carols by Candlelight attended by Prudence et al.

The one where at least two lovely, traditional carols were absolutely murdered (including the line: Little Mary's feeling urky. To rhyme with turkey. Of course.)

And those gathered - the tolerant and open-minded residents of Mount Lawley, North Perth and Northbridge - were subjected to rantings against drug use and adultery.

So, please don't encourage them.

Monday, February 22, 2010


Is it ever appropriate, Prudence wonders, for one colleague to ask another colleague (this one conspicuously and unashamedly OCD) whether there is still soy sauce on her face?

Especially when the OCD colleague is a cartographer and the question appeared, apropos of an ingestion mishap, in the middle of a conversation about maps.

Prudence didn't bother trying not to giggle.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Prudence found herself in the throng of, well, mourners is such an inadequate word for those who came to see off Jock Ferguson for the final time.

The thousand or so of us included a healthy number of Labor royalty and many who respected his perspective, tenacity, integrity and quick wit.

As one who was known as both Comrade and Honey, Prudence considers herself fortunate to have drunk single malt with him - and will feel guilty forever about NOT throwing away the lid of the bottle.

So, the man who, when asked what his definition of a sex toy was, replied: a 5'4" Scotsman with a moustache, is gone, and Western Australian public life is poorer.

Vale, Comrade.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Prudence wonders why, when Scarborough Beach Road is such a disaster and none of the libraries has the latest Jasper Fforde or Christopher Brookmyre books, the council deems it necessary to replace the perfectly serviceable kerbs, driveways and surface of her street?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

On feeling sorry for oneself

Prudence finds herself doing something quite un-Australian.

Taking a sick day when she is properly sick.

And wishing there was more paracetamol in the house and someone to make her a hot honey lemon drink.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

On travelling hopefully

Prudence has recovered from the travails of travel by low-cost airline, and is firmly focussed forward.

Her holiday was a mad rush of sensory stimuli and, inevitably, too short.

  • American doughnuts and coffee at the Vic Markets;
  • watching a two-year-old enjoy the dinner Prudence cooked so much he was not able to get enough pasta into his mouth;
  • the Edinburgh Military Tattoo (the beginning point of the holiday);
  • rain (those in Perth will understand the significance);
  • buying stunning designer earrings in Balmain;
  • dim sum lunch with dear friends here;
  • Glebe Point Road;
  • buying hand-made espresso cups at Toby's Estate;
  • catching up with old friends here;
  • coffee here;
  • meeting new nieces;
  • coffee and breakfast here; and
  • wandering through here.
On the next trip she promises to catch up with more friends. But for now, it's back to workaday reality.