Friday, February 26, 2010

Not today please. Not ever.

Prudence was accosted by no fewer than five tin-shakers on her way from the bus to office.

All were from the religious fundamentalist nutcase group Youth With a Mission.

They with the light of madness in their eyes, and propensity to break into song inappropriately.

Poor deluded chickens.

But! They were responsible for the last Carols by Candlelight attended by Prudence et al.

The one where at least two lovely, traditional carols were absolutely murdered (including the line: Little Mary's feeling urky. To rhyme with turkey. Of course.)

And those gathered - the tolerant and open-minded residents of Mount Lawley, North Perth and Northbridge - were subjected to rantings against drug use and adultery.

So, please don't encourage them.

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