Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mission accomplished

After a couple of glasses of very nice rose at the bar near work with lovely colleagues J and N on Friday night, Prudence realised that she had precisely 34 minutes to buy a farewell present for S.

Whereupon Prudence's German side kicked in. That disconcertingly focused efficiency.

N decided she wanted to help with mission. It needs to be said at this point, that N had had quite a bit more wine than Prudence, and was punctuating her conversation with giggles.

The 34 minutes dwindled to 23 by the time Prudence and N reached the shops.

The first shop had nothing appropriate, the second only a poor compromise, the third had lovely possibilities but out of the allotted price range.

Prudence and N reached the fourth and final shop fearful that the doors wouldn't open. But they did.

And with a 40 per cent discount, found the perfect gift, within the price range, and moments before the lights were switched off.

Whereupon N looked pointedly at Prudence and declared she was a bit scary to go shopping with.

Prudence is taking that as a compliment.

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