Saturday, July 31, 2010

Absence of taste

Prudence and her talented friend J (who blogs here) went to the craft fair yesterday.

They realised very quickly that failing to read the fine print was a mistake. It was the Craft, Quilt and Stitch show. With an emphasis on quilt.

Sadly, quilting has ceased to be about thrift and creativity and become about how much one is prepared to spend on a computerised sewing machine. Some of these monsters have handlebars!

There's little skill left in the craft and not much style, if this show is an indicator.

And how, Prudence wonders, does stamping come to be considered a craft. Unless one is prepared to carve one's own potato, it's just an up-and-down arm motion. Again, largely devoid of taste.


  1. Now those are some exceptionally m4d sk1llz! Definitely one to add to the blogroll.

    I do adore craft, but find I loathe craft in any sort of fair-type setting.

  2. Dear Carol - the horror! The horror! Far too many angels and cloyingly sweet sayings programmed into cyborg quilt-stitchers!

  3. I'll say ... and the creepy dolls... ick. Hope day 1 of new job was ok.