Monday, July 19, 2010

No secrets

Prudence and a posse of girlfriends descended upon the Made on the Left Markets on the weekend. Incidently, Prudence loves a market held in a pub! It covers all desires.


There were lots of pretty things for sale and lots of interesting subjects for people watching.

Prudence's favourite was the young woman done up in immaculate steampunk - corset, ruffled skirts, tights ripped just so... up to and including the large, purple bruise on her neck, rendered in a very tell-tale shape.

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  1. Hello, Prudence - delighted to meet another Perth pedant.
    The 'myself' issue is a killer. Thanks for mentioning it!
    I have come across two examples of its misuse this morning - one from a reporter and one in a press release - and I've been at work only an hour and a half. Grrrr.
    It's big enough to warrant another Wednesday rant, I feel.
    Thanks for commenting.