Monday, July 26, 2010


After the bowdlerisation of Noddy and Big Ears' perfectly innocent relationship some years ago, it looks like the Famous Five, Secret Seven and Fifth Form at St Clare's are about to undergo some character surgery.

School tunics will be replaced by uniforms, dirty tinkers will become travellers and the best of the exclamations will be... modernised.

Yup, Enid Blyton is again being edited. Apparently, it's because children don't understand the language.

Prudence, who makes a point of using all those words, all the time, thinks the kiddies will cope perfectly well.

But she would like to see a little realism snuck in - such as Mummy and Daddy resorting to whiskey when the children are inevitably kidnapped by the smugglers.

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  1. Dumbing down is woeful. Especially for kids, who cope really well with filtering language and working it out. They've coped really well with American English all these years!
    Blyton is safe territory for the nit-pickers. They sneer at her lack of literary merit and snarl at her upper-middle-class sensibilities, so fiddling about with her language is, to them, some sort of point-scoring moral victory.
    Let's see them try to do it to Dickens, or Austen, both of whom were given to read as kids, and whose language and vocabulary were truly - unlike Blyton's - arcane and out of date.