Friday, August 27, 2010

Not quite one night in Bangkok

Prudence managed to get herself invited to an industry networking session last night in rather an upmarket establishment. She felt compelled to drink the three glasses of bubbles bought for her, not entirely because the heating was set so high, it took only minutes for an ice cold glass to become tepid.

Partway through the second, a male practitioner very much her senior quite seriously told Prudence she looked 19. Now Prudence is unashamedly vain - she moisturises with intent and colours her greys religiously - but that was ridiculous.

After the third glass, reason kicked in, and Prudence wobbled her way to the bus stop. Where a bus was waiting.

Fortunately the driver was a professional and didn't pull away as Prudence approached.

To which Prudence felt compelled to say: "Thank you for waiting, it is most unbecoming to run for a bus when one has been drinking champagne".

And the driver replied, in his best Aussie drawl: "Righto, love".

Which was a perfect end to the evening.

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