Saturday, October 30, 2010


At the very nice (and quite noisy) St Georges Terrace bar last night, Prudence ordered what she thought was two piccolos of very nice French NV champagne.

She got change from $50 along with a full bottle, two flutes and an ice bucket.

Not wishing to appear ungrateful, she and lovely friend D set about enjoying their bubbly, when a sheepish barman approached, apologised, said he wasn't going to charge her, but the champagne for which she'd paid $25 should really have cost $155.

Prudence wonders how that one was explained when the sales were tallied at the end of the night.

Hartford, Hereford and Hampshire

Prudence is horrified that the winner of this week's Strictly Speaking mumbles, stumbles and says Haitch.

Monday, October 25, 2010


So Prudence saw a job she'd just love advertised and put in an application.

Then she got an interview.

Then she found out that to schedule her interview at a time that was convenient, her favourite ex-manager - and now good friend, the Empress - had had her interview bumped.

The Empress was also Prudence's main referee.

Which is a most delicate and embarrassing position in which to find oneself.

If the process goes Prudence's way, a trip to the local for something expensive and bubbly will be in order.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Economic irrationalism

Prudence today found herself - very reluctantly - at a festival of self-congratulation for the mining industry.

It was run by two extremely right-wing organisations (natch) both of whom claim to be apolitical.

The most notable quote came from one of the chairmen, and it made Prudence's blood boil.

"Perhaps having a two-speed economy is not a bad thing."

This from someone whose income is a long way into six figures, and who clearly has no idea what it's like to live on the minimum wage.

Prudence hopes karma will take care of him.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Well, it was good enough for Hunter S Thompson

While not wishing to be seen as sacrilegious, Prudence is quite taken with the thought that Mary McKillop's canonisation might mean she's fired from a cannon.

A 21-nun salute?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Ultimate compliment

Working in PR, as Prudence does, means rather a lot of making shit up.

Lovely colleague A, argues that it's good shit.

Which is really all one can ask for.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Failings of democracy

Last week, the ABC website posted this story.

Careful readers will see in the penultimate sentence: [composition]. When first Prudence read this piece, that word was composure, which, as you'll agree, means something entirely different.

Now, we all know there is no real qualification required to be a politician, but Randall was a teacher before he entered parliament as the Member for Canning. So such a slip is quite inexcusable.

Prudence also has it on very good authority that Randall was known for ritual humiliation of his charges - a child caught picking its nose was forced to stand before the class for the day, finger lodged in nostril. And so forth.

Perhaps there is an argument for a similar sort of justice to be done?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

And they remain mystified

Prudence and her beloved had been to farewell drinks and were a teensy bit tired and emotional, and most definitely not up to cooking dinner.

At the restaurant - one just discovered - they found the orange printing on white menu card to be quite hard to read in the orange light of an orange room. And commented thus to the waitress.

"Oh, that's OK," said she, somewhat disingenuously "we're closed on Sunday."

Prudence is still trying to work out how that makes it OK. But it was funny.