Thursday, November 11, 2010

$500 very well spent


A concept rich with promise - the ultimate anticipatory delight.

And it did not disappoint.

To explain - last night was a special night. And to celebrate it, Prudence and her beloved indulged in an eight-course degustation with matched wines.

Take it as read that the savoury courses were exquisite in their composition and execution, and elicited appropriate swoons.

It was pre-dessert that really caught Prudence's imagination.

First the waiter brought a bowl of lightly steaming fairy floss, then another poured a champagne and blood orange concoction over it, whereupon the floss elegantly disintegrated to reveal a berry compote with lemony marscapone (there was a lot more to it, but Prudence was well and truly on the other side of tipsy at this point).

"Clever," giggled Prudence.

"Oh no," dead-panned the waiter, "clever is too noble a word to apply to fairy floss, it's more devious."

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  1. Lucky, lucky you! I'm very anti-sugar these days but I reckon I would cave at the sight of that desert.