Monday, December 27, 2010

Goes around, comes around

Prudence is thinking that karma (of the nicest kind) has been visited upon her.

Some time ago, in a bag of goodies from a corporate event, there was a two-for-one voucher for a particular movie. Prudence put the voucher aside, in a safe place, and promptly forgot about it.

Then after the fuss of Christmas it turned up again, just in time for one of the last screenings at an outdoor cinema.

So with pillows in hand, Prudence and Beloved presented the voucher at the box office, and realised they had no cash.

This outdoor cinema did accept cards, but only one variety as some sort of sponsorship agreement, and not the kind either had.

Directions to the nearest teller machine were requested.

And then the attendant took pity, spotting the ticket requiring payment and ushering Prudence and Beloved into the seating area.

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