Monday, December 27, 2010

Goes around, comes around

Prudence is thinking that karma (of the nicest kind) has been visited upon her.

Some time ago, in a bag of goodies from a corporate event, there was a two-for-one voucher for a particular movie. Prudence put the voucher aside, in a safe place, and promptly forgot about it.

Then after the fuss of Christmas it turned up again, just in time for one of the last screenings at an outdoor cinema.

So with pillows in hand, Prudence and Beloved presented the voucher at the box office, and realised they had no cash.

This outdoor cinema did accept cards, but only one variety as some sort of sponsorship agreement, and not the kind either had.

Directions to the nearest teller machine were requested.

And then the attendant took pity, spotting the ticket requiring payment and ushering Prudence and Beloved into the seating area.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

'Tis the season

Prudence quite likes Christmas - food, wine, presents and being an orphan which means not having any relatives with whom she is forced to spend time, smiling through gritted teeth.

However there is one person she dislikes and may not be able to avoid.

And he must be given a present.

So it was with regret that she did not buy a book for him entitled: Great Bastards in World History.

A little too obvious, non?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Core business compromises

Prudence finds it both ironic and sinister that junk food giant Nestle has bought weight-loss behemoth Jenny Craig.

Which prompts one to wonder whether the Jenny Craig ethos of nutritious, low-calorie eating will permeate Nestle, or, more likely, the stuff-'em-full-of-sugar mission statement of Nestle will overwhelm any Jenny Craig attempts at promoting moderation.

Not that Prudence is enamoured of Jenny Craig, or anything.

Globalisation is enough to drive one to chocolate. Preferably fair trade and organic.

Monday, December 13, 2010

In which life follows nomenclature

It is most appropriate

that a man

called Allan Trench

pursues a career in the mining industry.

Of course,

he could equally have been a grave digger.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Prudence will admit to being naughty.

But to walk into a room and have every one of its occupants look up and simultaneously exclaim:

"Speak of the devil!"

is really quite unnerving.

Friday, December 3, 2010

A very modern hero

Prudence is very angry about the whole Wikileaks saga.

Some of the cables released most definitely fall into the public's-right-to-know category.

And Julian Assange seems to be amassing and distributing this information in a very public-spirited manner - he clearly has little regard for his own safety.

So, one has to wonder very hard why two highly intelligent and experienced women first brag that they've shagged him, then collude on their evidence, then go to the Swedish police to suggest they were raped. Note that they didn't make any sort of proper accusation, they just sought advice, a peculiarly Swedish way of dealing with... things.

And then Assange is chased around the world by Interpol, and Amazon terminates hosting arrangements.

And Prudence is very annoyed with Ecuador, which said yesterday it would offer him asylum, and then said today that it wouldn't.