Tuesday, March 22, 2011

No, it's not like that at all

Prudence is trying very, very not to become a cliche about which she has been scathing - the real estate wanker.

But it is interesting how many of one's friends are fascinated with potential purchases.

Fortunately the same friends are equally as disgusted as Prudence at the crimes against English grammar and syntax (don't even mention style).

Some observations:
  • Very few houses are exceptional, none are unique. No really.
  • Perhaps 5% of the backyards described as gigantic, are even vaguely sizable.
  • None of the kitchens so described would impress a chef.
  • Sort after is not an adjective.
  • Your is a possessive. Always. If one wishes to say, for example: if you're looking for..., that's how it should be written.
  • There is no delight in renovation. Ever.
  • BO stands for something much more personal than buyers over.
  • It really helps if the dishes are done and put away when photographing said chef's kitchens.
  • Feature walls are an abomination.
  • Few locations are as desirable as described. Such a word does smack of desperation.
  • If the agent needs to mention that said house is a good alternative to renting, it most probably isn't.
  • If the agent needs to implore: what more can you want? There is much, much more one could want.
One does hope this process is over quickly.

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