Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Unable to pay

If you've been paying attention, you'll have gathered that Prudence and Beloved have bought a house. It's a deceased estate, the old man having gone quite potty, been in a home for two years before dying more than a year ago. The pottiness having, it appears, been inherited by at least one of his surviving daughters, but that's by the by.

Today a power bill arrived. For 40 cents.

Dutifully, Prudence rang the electricity retailer, and offered to pay the bill, if the amount could be transferred to her account. Explaining that the person to whom the bill was addressed was not likely to be troubling anyone again.

The consultant, as Prudence believes call centre workers are now referred, put Prudence on hold for a good while.

Her first question when back was: "Can you get in touch with the previous owner?"

Prudence waited a couple of beats, but the consultant needed to be prompted to understand that deceased meant the former owner could not be contacted. Sigh.

Eventually the 40 cent-bill was waived. To Prudence's relief.

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