Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dog's life

Prudence and Beloved were devastated when Kate, the blue heeler cross died nearly two years ago.

Suddenly the tennis balls of the world were a bit safer, but the aching hole in our lives has never healed.

This morning Jodie the kelpie - red heeler cross joined our multi-species family. Lola-cat is disgusted.

Jodie is five, and has lovely manners. She chases tennis balls and catches frisbees and barks only when necessary.

After a run in the park she lay down for a rest on her mat.

Beloved looked on fondly: "She needs a soft, cuddly toy".

Prudence: "Darling, NO! She's a kelpie!"

Beloved: "OK - a tonka truck".

At which they both dissolved into chuckles, because that's exactly what a tough kelpie needs!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Otherwise engaged

In something of a counter-intuitive move, Prudence has said goodbye to her colleagues at the private sector office where she's been working for the last year, took a significant pay cut and a shift sideways and went back to her government job.

It is lovely to be back in the CBD, with decent coffee and any number of distractions for lunchtimes. And it is very nice to be back with lovely former colleagues, although she does miss the more immediately former colleagues.

But now, rather than the stock exchange and joint venture partners providing either progress or frustration, now it's down to Cabinet.

And there's no rhyme or reason to that at all.