Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dog's life

Prudence and Beloved were devastated when Kate, the blue heeler cross died nearly two years ago.

Suddenly the tennis balls of the world were a bit safer, but the aching hole in our lives has never healed.

This morning Jodie the kelpie - red heeler cross joined our multi-species family. Lola-cat is disgusted.

Jodie is five, and has lovely manners. She chases tennis balls and catches frisbees and barks only when necessary.

After a run in the park she lay down for a rest on her mat.

Beloved looked on fondly: "She needs a soft, cuddly toy".

Prudence: "Darling, NO! She's a kelpie!"

Beloved: "OK - a tonka truck".

At which they both dissolved into chuckles, because that's exactly what a tough kelpie needs!

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