Saturday, April 23, 2011

The reason for the season

With a commitment to cut sugar from one's diet and not a little horror at the stories of child exploitation and adulteration of the bean, it wasn't a hard decision to forego chocolate this Easter.

And what will be given in its place?

(Prudence caught a sneak peak)

A bright pink nana trolley for shopping.

Prudence is holding on to her delight for when it's handed over Sunday morning.

For Beloved - that clever foldy ladder about which he's been lusting. Easter traditionally being the season of odd-jobs and renovation.

Praise the rabbit!

Monday, April 11, 2011

View to the past

Prudence is very partial to a garage sale - bargains, treasures, good- (or not-) natured haggling.

This week's haul included some divine vintage sewing patterns, a set of bathroom taps, brass hooks and some books.

An Enid Blyton (Claudine at St Clare's) and the delightful Jean Behind the Counter by Nancy Martin. Prudence hadn't heard of her either.

To quote the blurb: "Jean had always wanted to serve in a shop, and in the large store where she began her career she sold all kinds of things, from haberdashery to baby-linen. At Stacey's she made new friends and was soon caught up in a whirl of swimming galas, cycling clubs, skiffle groups and staff dances. But it was only after she had battled with discouragement at work, difficulties at home and jealousy over her friends that she made a success of her chosen career."

Published in 1960, it is most definitely a book of its time - more than once Jean's ambitions are dismissed with an off-handed comment that she'll probably get married anyway.

But the most amusing aspect was the bookmark - a series of Christmas stamps, not issued by the post office, designed, one presumes, to be affixed to a card. They say: From a supporter of the Slow Learning Children's Group.

Now there's an encouraging name!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Are you being served?

Despite being struck with the first cold of the season, and the attendant joy that brings, Prudence had a lovely dinner with L, N and J tonight.

After many reply-all emails, we settled on a cheap and cheerful Vietnamese.

It was busy and buzzy and the conversation flowed.

But the service was not-in-a-good-way notable.

Prudence was prepared to overlook having the waiter deliver glasses to the table but not fill them with wine. She even turned a begrudging blind eye to the waitress leaning in front of her to clear both L and J's plates, when there was more than ample space to move around the table.

But serving peppermint tea with milk, sugar and a tiny teddy biscuit is utterly inexcusable.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

And for the YTD

So Prudence bit the metaphorical bullet and signed up for a financial management course.

It was more than time to learn how to decipher balance sheets and profit and loss statements. And so she did, along with assorted ratios, variances, bills, and abbreviations.

Which are the bane of Prudence's existence.

The whole course can be summed up with one equation:

Arithmetic + abbreviations = angst.

Prudence has decided it is best she sticks with wrangling words.