Thursday, November 24, 2011

This life and the next

Just as the weather in Perth gives an unmistakeable preview of summer (hot, dry, windy, exhausting) Prudence and Beloved are off to Melbourne for a little holiday.

After the, um, joys of renovating, and having only just started a new job, they've earned it.

There were two reasons for planning this little sojourn - a not-particularly-significant birthday and the baptism of young W.

Prudence was bemused to be asked to take on the spiritual responsibility of a god child: "I'm only doing this if I can lead the child astray", she said.

L, the child's mother, agreed: "You're only doing this if you lead my child astray". So that was that, then.

Plans were made, arrangements put into train. Then the church derailed things.

Apparently late November is too close to Christmas, and all baptisms are off. One wonders whether the church really has the child's best hereafter interests in mind!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Canine psychology

Prudence and Beloved have some interesting neighbours, two doors down.

P and B and baby S also share their house with Billie, a golden retriever with entirely too much enthusiasm for everything.

Billie occasionally comes to visit Jodie the neurotic Kelpie. The last time, Billie hadn't had a run for a week. P apologised for her behaviour, explaining that she was neurotic.

Knowing a thing or two about dogs, Prudence begged to differ.

"Your dog isn't so much neurotic as chaotic."

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The respect of one's colleagues

Rather unexpectedly, Prudence has been offered a promotion - a secondment to another department.

As is traditional, she had a farewell afternoon tea at her old one.

One of her favourite now-ex-colleagues expressed his disappointment at her leaving the department for the second time.

"If you want to come back, tell me whose job you want and I'll push him down the stairs."

Prudence is absurdly flattered, if not a little concerned that he might go through with his... offer.