Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The inevitable

Prudence, along with two friends has started up a community group to spread the word about kitchen gardens. 

With a bare minimum of marketing, the group is growing beyond all expectations - kitchen gardens are very, very now.

Inevitably, their activities have attracted the attention of a nutcase.

It turns out, in the world of poultry (for the next meet is all about chooks in the backyard) the politics is nasty.

Prudence does hope this one-eyed chook fancier - who had a number of concerns but was prepared to articulate only his worries about the cholesterol content of eggs - goes away, and others are discouraged.  But she's not at all confident.

With meets planned on preserving the harvest, building a backyard pizza oven, planting out the spring garden and so on, there's much to inspire further nutcasery.

(If you're in the eastern suburbs of Perth and are interested, see here)

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