Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sweet thing

Yesterday was Beloved's birthday.  Inconvenient, it is, having a birthday on a Monday, so most of the celebrating happened on Sunday.  It being winter, Prudence eschewed a traditional birthday cake, opting for a crumble.

Which was most enthusiastically received by Birthday Boy and guests. 

To Monday night and dinner has been dispensed.

Prudence: Would you like some dessert?

Beloved: No, I'm so full I might pop.

Prudence: OK. (and moves to put the leftover crumble back in the fridge)

Beloved: Oh! No! If it's crumble, I'm not full.

Prudence:  (dissolving into giggles) Is that so?

Beloved:  No.  I'm never too full for crumble.

It is nice to have one's culinary skills so roundly appreciated.

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