Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The inevitable

Prudence, along with two friends has started up a community group to spread the word about kitchen gardens. 

With a bare minimum of marketing, the group is growing beyond all expectations - kitchen gardens are very, very now.

Inevitably, their activities have attracted the attention of a nutcase.

It turns out, in the world of poultry (for the next meet is all about chooks in the backyard) the politics is nasty.

Prudence does hope this one-eyed chook fancier - who had a number of concerns but was prepared to articulate only his worries about the cholesterol content of eggs - goes away, and others are discouraged.  But she's not at all confident.

With meets planned on preserving the harvest, building a backyard pizza oven, planting out the spring garden and so on, there's much to inspire further nutcasery.

(If you're in the eastern suburbs of Perth and are interested, see here)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

On gritting one's teeth

Prudence has long been a student of human nature - fascinating if frustrating and occasionally completely mad.

However there are some things that are quite clear and logical and - above all - obvious. 

This truth one knows to be self-evident: if a person looks pale and wan and is struggling with the day, jollying her along is only going cause offence.

So the two colleagues (two!) who felt that saying "smile!" to Prudence yesterday, as she struggled with the day, really deserved the snappy telling-off they copped.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On taking chances

In a fit of feminism and empowerment and other words usually associated with shouting slogans and marching with banners, Prudence has applied for a very blokey job.

Having done a bit of research lately, it seems that if a job has 10 criteria and a bloke feels he meets two or three, he'll apply, whereas a woman won't put her hand up unless she meets eight or nine of them.

Prudence looked at the five criteria of said job and figured she had a decent go at about three and a half.  So she put her mind in a blokey frame (ie embroidered skills and experience) and threw in her metaphorical hat.

It will be interesting to see whether having a go works out.